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Beixiya ceramics belongs to the brand of Foshan Bang Sheng Building Materials Co., Ltd., which is a modern ceramic new ceramic enterprise integratingdesign, production and sales. To break through product design and technology, the company's main products include internal wall tile, big rock plate,full body diamond marble tile, big rock plate, modern plain color brick, full body marble tile, inkjet polished tile, diamond color glazed, , diamond agatejade, diamond fantastic, fantastic soft light, full body soft light, thicker and whiter polished tile, polished tile and so on.Category continues to bring forthnew ideas, leading the new generation of home decoration trend.
Adhere to the spirit of innovation of "aristocratic descent inheriting", the company to the traditional ceramic culture classic, into the contemporary aesthetic
characteristics and aesthetic changes, the product has a strong cultural taste and fashion, design innovation, quality improvement. Through the rigorous
processing of each process, the product not only retains the natural texture of fine lines, but also sublimation fashion, personality, elegance, distinguished
in one of the modern home taste. The products are fully furnished, the overall color is rich and soft, the texture is delicate and natural, the color is very
layered and the three-dimensional feeling, with high quality, multi-variety, flexible decorative personality in line with many customers on the value of home
transformation needs.



Company Introduction

The market trend of unpredictable, industry competition always exist, beixiya ceramics will be innovative attitude and excellent quality body, by strengtheningthe process, product and service innovation to improve core competitiveness, integration of resources, timely introduction of new products, step by steptowards a steady progress, the stage of healthy development, so that the brand continues to grow, so that customers continue to enjoy the quality ofprofessional services