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Knowledge of | stone paving requirements and details
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Knowledge of | stone paving requirements and details

News and information
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Stone paving requirements and details
One, stone paving before the preparation, construction should pay attention to the problem
1. Please read the instructions on the packing box in detail before stone paving.
2, stone for pure natural products, natural texture, color difference, is a normal phenomenon. Such as: dong shi have holes, sandstone has sand holes, schist surface layer. Stone material Mosaic is made with manual processing technology, so there is a natural error between the particles, and there is a natural error between the particles of the gap, but does not affect the construction (construction can be adjusted).
3, because of the particularity of the texture of stone products, avoid cement mortar or color material pollution surface, construction site should keep clean.
4, stone paving before the first clean stone surface, make it clean and dry brush (brush) or roller form of stone on the reverse, front and four elevation brush twice water-soluble anti-seepage agent. For best results, the first layer should be completely infiltrated into the substrate (1-2 hours) and then brush the second time. Finish anti-seepage treatment at least 24 hours after maintenance before paving.
5, stone paving should leave seam shop stick (except for bamboo Mosaic, etc.).
6. In order to strengthen the fastness and stain resistance of the adhesive, it is recommended to use the adhesive.
7, light color stone material please use light color filler.
8, the surface of SLATE stone is made by special stripping process, so there is uneven thickness between each piece. Due to its rough surface, please use a soft cloth to wipe a small amount of oil on the surface before filling, so as to clean up the filling agent.
10, after the completion of the stone to find wax maintenance.
11, daily cleaning, please do not use acid cleaner or powder alkaline cleaner to clean the stone.
Two, detail processing
Part 1, nature and fine: broken spell do naturally an orderly, material size not too big contrast, seam evenly, specification shop is part of the uniform, the arc edge smooth, beautiful, are not allowed to appear obvious AoTuGan, stone seam, cutting standard, are not allowed to appear stone gap size of uneven phenomenon.
2, corner edge processing: corner as stone material according to the arc length and Angle, a site layout arrangement after cutting (large size available, arc radius and Angle, custom processing), each material by size uniform, isosceles trapezoid shape processing, are not allowed to appear unilateral cutting form, arc segment does not allow, the phenomenon of the small side, small material.
3, multiple forms of combination shop processing
Concentric circle type pavement:
(1) according to the design requirements, according to the radius of the arc length of the stone processing, maintain the same radius of the stone size specifications, do arc smooth, beautiful; Radial pavement seam alignment, and the size of the seam uniform.
Combination of materials splicing according to the design requirements for seam control, keep the combination of smooth and natural.
4. The treatment of the water intake of pavement surface the smoothness of the ground pavement drainage is a key part related to the project quality and function; The drainage slope and elevation of the ground surface drainage outlet base area are set. The drainage location is set at the lowest point. The cover plate is about 5mm relative to the surrounding pavement bottom. The drainage port of the ground as the unity of the overall pavement, the construction process and requirements are very high: very fine edge treatment, as shown in the figure: material cutting symmetry, and the splicing of peripheral materials, can be treated as the details of the construction.
5, landscape stone and pavement road treatment landscape stone as the effect of the finishing material, its setting is not a fixed mode, mainly reflected in the natural, beautiful. If be like, its and the union of pavement outfit face, cannot seek a form most sedulously. It takes many forms in nature. It basically creates the effect that this stone was there in the first place.
Iii. Protection of finished products
1, transport granite plate and cement mortar, should take measures to prevent collision of finished stone, etc.
2. In the process of paving granite plates, the operator shall wipe away the cement slurry traces on the surface immediately with a dry cloth.
3. When walking on granite ground, the compressive strength of screed cement mortar shall not be lower than 1.2mpa.
4, granite ground completion, should be closed or covered in its surface protection.
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