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Cleaning of tiles


Common pollution and cleaning:


product maintenance

1) Ceramics are brittle materials, so prevent hard objects from bumping to avoid damaging the surface;
2) Remove the cement, mortar and other foreign matter adhering to the brick surface in time during construction, and always keep the brick surface clean;
3) If the floor tiles are used for other operations when the paving is completed, the surface of the product must be cleaned up, and no sand, stains and other materials that cause surface damage should be left. At the same time, a protective layer (such as thick paper) should be added to the surface of the brick. Leather or board)
4) It is strictly forbidden to polish the surface of the product and clean it with strong acid and alkali liquid;
5) Dirt infiltrated during daily use should be removed in time. If stubborn stains are encountered, professional cleaning agents should be used to prevent hard objects from damaging the tile surface; the tile surface should be cleaned daily, and regular professional maintenance should be used to ensure that the tile surface is as new.



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